GAMES BRITANNIA: A history of Britain told through the games we play

BBC TV 2009Games Britannia

'Woolley proved to be an excellent presenter - one of those rare people who's able to take an ostensibly mundane subject and make it far more illuminating than this viewer at least would have believed possible.' Daily Telegraph

'Well played, Mr Woolley!' Times

Excerpts from other television work on youtube

THE QUEEN'S CONJUROR: The life and magic of Dr Dee

Queen's ConjurorHarperCollins 2001 UK US

'A model of popular history...These minds of the past step forward in this book undeniably, obstreperously real.' Washington Post Book World

'An evocative portrait of the Tudor age - Dee casts a spell on the reader.' Literary Review

'An engrossing read.' Newsday

THE HERBALIST: Nicholas Culpeper and the fight for medical freedom

The HerbalistHarperCollins 2004 UK US JP

'This is a wonderful book - a delight to read, fast-moving, informed and passionate in its advocacy.' Roy Strong, Sunday Times

'A passionate debate about patient power and medical theory.' Times Literary Supplement

'Woolley's The Herbalist is riveting.' New Scientist.

BRIDE OF SCIENCE: Romance, Reason and Byron's daughter

Bride of ScienceMacmillan 1999 UK US DE JP

'It's a thriller.' New Scientist

'She had education, wealth and plenty of talent. Yet her life ended in ruin… An intriguing glimpse into the beginnings of computer science and a reminder that character is destiny.' The Wall Street Journal

'Enthralling.' Sunday Times

VIRTUAL WORLDS: A Journey in Hype and Hyperreality

Virtual WorldsPenguin 1993 UK. Now available on Kindle.

'In his brilliant, almost Swiftean, journey among the philosophers and practitioners of simulation, Benjamin Woolley lays about him with, alternately, a scalpel and a meat cleaver. He neatly dissects the propositions of Barthes and Foucault, that reality is merely a myth... For those who claim that, by putting on an electronic helmet and some wired-up gloves, you can "experience reality", Woolley reserves the meat cleaver.' Sunday Times

'Excellent... How real is reality?... This tour through the simulated, the hyper and the artificial is fascinating and thought-provoking and raises important questions about a great deal of the nonsense being talked by certain philosophers and computer enthusiasts..' Independent

'An often fascinating intellectual journey into the changing face of reality..' New York Times