Imagine - Nigel Kennedy

TX BBC1, 15 June 2010, 10.35pm

Nigel Kennedy’s move to Krakow a decade ago has transformed both his music and his outlook on life. Not only does he now have a Polish wife, Agnieszka, but his current liaison with the four Polish musicians who complete the Nigel Kennedy Quintet is proving to be one of the most rewarding musical experiences of his career. Immersing himself in Krakow’s teeming network of jazz musicians, and playing with them regularly on the local club circuit, has invigorated Kennedy’s playing and his appetite for music of all kinds.

“I’ve always viewed myself as a musician who plays music as a whole, not just a certain part of it,” as he puts it. He will present a broad cross section of his musical enthusiasms when he hosts a weekend of Polish music at London’s South Bank at the end of May 2010, which will feature such guests as singer Anna Maria Jopek, the klezmer band Kroke, and Kennedy’s new Orchestra of Life. For this Imagine film, Adam Sweeting and Frank Hanly – with, of course, Imagine’s presenter Alan Yentob - went to Krakow to capture Kennedy in his adopted home (although he still makes regular trips back to London, usually to coincide with matches involving his beloved Aston Villa). From the historic atmosphere of Krakow’s old town to a gig in a tiny jazz club in the traditional mountain village of Jaworki, the film throws new light on a musician who has finally left behind the oikish image which originally made him notorious. Today’s Kennedy is still eccentric, but he has proved himself to be an artist with the ambition and ability to travel far beyond the stereotype of “classical violinist”.


Pavarotti - The Last Tenor

TX BBC2 2004 (rpt BBC1 2007)

An Arena profile of one of the greatest tenors of all time and a global icon. This 90 minute film follows him around the world in the year before his retirement from the world of opera.

Press For The Last Tenor
Francis Hanly & Adam Sweeting’s elegant and intimate film reaches and sustains several high notes.  THE TIMES
A definitive and gorgeous portrait. DAILY TELEGRAPH
A truly amazing man and a great programme.EVENING STANDARD


Mr Rock'n'Roll

TX Channel 4 2000 (rpt 2001)

A four part series looking at the lives and careers of the most powerful, most outrageous and most astute managers in the history of Rock and Roll. Features the stories of Colonel Tom Parker, Don Arden, Peter Grant and Tom Watkins.

An absolute triumph, compulsory viewing. MUSIC WEEK
Mr Rock and Roll is an unmissable series; beautifully shot, well researched, a truly entertaining show. MOJO
Excellent. HEAT
A compelling series. A classic rock & roll tale. TIME OUT
Great Viewing. THE MAIL